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I armani watch study notes

armani watches a
Watch material:
Watch material about three categories,
1 the most common steel, now mainly stainless steel, 316 and Rolex 904
2: precious metals, k-gold, Platinum
3: special materials, ceramics, plastics and so on
In my view, watch material a is a personal preference, the other is to buy a watch.
If often wore, and steel is the most appropriate, I think precious metals material's Watch, also was attending some
Special occasions, show status and taste, usually also is collected in the table are included in the best, because he was too soft, daily
Wearing does not fit. As for the special material, plastic movement, can wear in sports, ceramics
Thing, though was very nice, and also more wear-resistant, however, were too brittle, not resistance, but each table section
Is very expensive, so individuals are not recommended, of course, as the precious metal table at the special occasion wear also is good.
There is tungsten Steel Bracelet, this guy is really hard, caught the Sapphire table mirror, but that shortcoming, the harder the more brittle.
Tungsten steel bracelet is for my sister, accidentally dropped a bit, clasp hung up, and there is also a drawback, very heavy very heavy,
Stay hand in hand, long time uncomfortable.
Therefore, daily wear a watch I still recommend, steel sheets of the most suitable. 316L stainless steel's performance is very good, and very hard, doing mechanical
Processing must know, if this thing is not annealed, processing fixed. Rolex 904, personally think that only Rolex)
Hype hype, he is stronger than 316 on the anticorrosive performance, however, it seems not so strong to make it higher.
Strap steel watch bands, I recommend steel strap, metal this stuff is good, really resistant, scratches are not afraid, you can Polish, not
Tidy is not afraid, are all open out dressing and a good table. But there are drawbacks, really cold in the winter, and if
Not used, even if wearing a habit, still less clothing attached. Box of steel sheet this sheet on the contrary, it is hand-fitted, especially ones that traditional
PIN buckles, really comfortable, wearing not cold in winter, but (again), not resistance, so you're more careful, 2 years, what are
You want to get a new chain, otherwise don't watch anymore, unless you give leather beauty, can be polished back, epithelial edge oil. Also,
If the summer is wearing leather chain, sweat seeps into the leather smell
From his appearance, movement of steel chain, MAN, skin chain Sven, temperament.
Many tables on the jar, mix well, autumn in spring and summer, steel chain, winter, leather chain.
Look so much, I was, began saying, traverse party, pay more attention to how some data.
Next time you write something practical.


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